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Сelebrities` top-selling perfumes

Are you sure the stars do just that – participate in the variety projects and commercial, lead the luxury life and make the variety of photo shoots? Then you are going to be wrong. Some of them present to be really trendy, creating the own brands, mostly the fragrance lines. It also brings the solid income to their net worth.

Top-selling perfumes, made by musicians and actors.


Some of them are dedicated to backwashes from childhood and youth, some to the work and unfulfilled dreams, but the common thing for all is a try to show individuality and make some emphasis on what is really important in their life.

This list was made according to Forbes one, the main characteristic of which is the income, brought from purchasing deals over the last year.

So, here we are.

The first position is occupied by very unique and intelligent perfume “Driven”, created and presented by Derek Jeter.

Driven by Derek Jeter.

Driven by Derek Jeter.

The fragrance is gaining the popularity not only among American nation, but also abroad, bringing $160,000,000 payments through the previous year. It was designed for men, so each lady, who has a beloved part, is eager to get it as a present. That is the reason of its popularity.

As the author mentioned once, the fragrance is mostly associated with his personality, not with his basketball skills. Being the former player, he left career some years ago, but it doesn’t mean he is not active: endorsement field and the business in general are the spheres he is currently in.

The second position is hold by Elizabeth Taylor and her fragrance “White Diamonds”, which was introduced to public in 1991.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Since the time it appeared in US stores as well as some around the globe, it became really popular and well-known to many people even from different generations, who truthfully appreciate the work this great actress did. So, the final amount of money received over the past year is $54,000,000.

The famous films Elizabeth Taylor participated in are “A Place in the Sun”, “Elephant Walk”, “Butterfield8” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?”

The third place is for “Heat”, made and developed by Beyonce.

Heat by Beyonce

Heat by Beyonce

The year it occurred is 2010 – since that time it is moving up and up through the positions in the variety ranks, but in our list it holds the third position. The country it was mostly promoted in is Great Britain. Besides, the fragrance was supported by a hot clip, to be shown in the daytime.

For the last year it got the material appreciation, which can be counted in $21,000,000 in sales.

Beyonce is mostly recognized by albums, songs from which are called hits. Here are some of them: “The Pink Partner”, “Dream-Girls”, “Obsessed” and so on.

The fourth place is shared between 3 aromas, produced in USA over the last decade.

Their names are “Unforgivable”, presented by P. Diddy’s Sean John brand; fascinating “NYC”, made by Jessica Parker and “Fancy”, created by Jessica Simpson.

The total cost to be brought by each of them is $18,000,000.

“Unforgivable” was created special for the strong gender, pretending to be unique and successful, as the atmosphere to be made around after even a few drops.

 Unforgiveable by P. Diddy, Sean John brand

Unforgiveable by P. Diddy, Sean John brand

The second fragrance is going to bring happiness to every owner, making the future with some sweet memories from the past. The last aroma was introduced to public in 2008, making it happen loudly and bright.

NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker

NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker

The “Fancy” was created for the charming part of the population and was going to be the debut for its author. The smell is leaves afterwards – unordinary and pleasant.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

As the conclusion, it may be said that the perfume can make more significant influence, than even a look, because the fragrance is something what comes first and is left afterwards. It may change the opinion or make it more confident.

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