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Charles, Prince of Wales, Net Worth

Charles, Prince of Wales, Net Worth

Charles, Prince of Wales

Prince Charles net worth is $370 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 14 November, 1948 (Age: 67)

Place of birth: London, UK

Nationality: British

Religion: Anglican

Source of wealth: Real Estate, Duchy Originals Company

Prince Charles Salary

Per year: £25 million

Per month: £2, 08 million

Per week: £520, 833

Per day: £74, 404

Charles, Prince of Wales, is one of the richest people on the planet.

The first son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, he is the first one in the line to throne. Although Queen Elizabeth publicized her idea to give the Crown directly to her charismatic grandson Prince William, Charles remains the first one to heir it.

He was married Princes Diana. The couple divorced in 1996. His current spouse is Camilla Parker Bowles. They got married in 2005.

Prince Charles is a father of two sons and grandfather of two grandchildren.

Charles, Prince of Wales, is known not just as a member of a Royal family, but also as a successful businessman. He founded the company Duchy Originals, which produces organics food products. The company sells food not just in Great Britain, but also in USA and in India.

He gets some income from real estate too. He inherited it from his father. Prince Charles is rumored to own about 10, 000 buildings all over the world. He is the owner of numerous shops too. These business deals make Prince Charles richer and richer from year to year.

In 2016 his net worth is estimated by Forbes as $370 million.

Charles, Prince of Wales, Net Worth

Charles, Prince of Wales

Prince Charles Salary

Charles, Prince of Wales, doesn’t work currently. But he had made an attempt to start his career. In early 70s he joined the navy and air force. Prince Charles is also a trained jet pilot. He tried to make military career, but soon he quit it and concentrated on his business gigs.

Have a look at Prince Charles earnings:

  1. Earnings from real estate (Duchy of Cornwall) – £20, 5 million
  2. Earnings from Duchy Originals – £2, 3 million

Most part of Charles’s income he donates for charity.

Prince Charles Houses

  1. Clarence House – under estimation

    Charles, Prince of Wales House

    Charles, Prince of Wales Clarence House

Prince Charles doesn’t own Clarence of House, it belongs to the Crown, but it is the permanent place of his residence. It is hard to calculate the value of this building, because it is not just luxurious, it is ancient and has an important historical meaning. Previously Prince Charles and his spouse live in St. James’s Palace.

Prince Charles Cars

  1. Aston Martin – £200, 000
Charles, Prince of Wales Car

Charles, Prince of Wales. Aston Martin

Prince likes to drive his luxurious fast car.

They say, Charles, Prince of Wales, enjoys his luxurious life and his expanses are high. He spends money for sports equipment, brand clothes, accessories and flights. Prince likes to travel.

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